5 Top On-Demand Emergency Services Apps

5 Top On-Demand Emergency Services Apps

When an unsuccessful emergency happens, we are used to calling the relevant services, dialing 911, or similar short phone numbers. However, the situations that require the most immediate response are the best to be solved, using innovative technologies.

Emergency services like police, firefighters, or medical institutions also keep up wisely with the progress. They order on-demand apps that correspond to the given organization’s structure and procedures and help the emergency services save human lives.

Benefits Of On-Demand Apps

According to Wikipedia, emergency services are the government or private rescue organizations that ensure health and public safety, by fulfillment of 5 basic essential functions:

  • law enforcement;
  • fire prevention and rescue;
  • emergency medical help;
  • emergency coordination and management;
  • public works.

A recent study showed that about 53% of advanced mobile device owners use their functional smartphones in emergency situations. Therefore, user-friendly and fast emergency services apps are essential.

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They are helpful to increase the customers’ satisfaction with the essential services provided to ensure the fastest possible response by live chat, real-time tracking, and useful consultations.

Benefits Of On-Demand Apps
Benefits Of On-Demand Apps

On Demand App Creation Process

On-demand app development is extremely complex and time-consuming. The software solution’s architecture is quite intricate, allowing multiple access levels for local and national officers and public servants; operators, moderators, and separate users.

It includes the central website and on-demand apps for iPad, Android, and all existing operating systems and devices to enable all country residents or citizens to apply to the services fast and efficiently.

The basic emergency services apps features include:

  • live chat;
  • multi-language support;
  • geolocation and tracking;
  • SMS notifications;
  • reporting hazards of certain types;
  • images and video sharing;
  • notifying the doctors and caregivers;
  • smart search of the nearby service providers on an interactive map.

Back office and CRM solutions are created on the customer’s demand, the apps are integrated with the available software and the databases.

The best emergency medical application: Call9Call9 is an advanced alternative for calling 911. The on-demand Android app is designed for connecting patients and nurses or doctors. If the ambulance fails to arrive within 15 minutes, the patients connect the competent doctors via video chat and get professional, helpful instructions.

The application was created in 2015, in New York, by Timothy Peck, being quite popular and profitable nowadays, as it charges some fees from the patients and facilities such as schools, hotels, or nursing homes.

The Best Roadside Assistance On-Demand App: Urgent.lyThe application is helpful for motorists or car drivers that urgently need fuel, tow trucks, or jump-starts. They contact the service providers, that can, meanwhile, detect the accident that happened on the road and arrive to help their valued customers.

The mobile app was created in 2014, in Vienna town (Virginia state, the USA) by several co-founders. It is offered both for the advanced iOS and the popular Android systems. Quite naturally, the services are not free; they start with $75; so, the technology company is vibrant and prosperous.

The Best Alerting Application: Disaster AlertThe free application is useful to get immediate notifications about all available hazards around the globe. The users can monitor the epicenters of various natural disasters and send early warnings to multifarious contacts that is family members or friends.

The Best Emergency Manager Service AppThe application’s name is just “Emergency Manager”. It was created for Android, enabling users to dial any available emergency services and send fast notifications by SMS, email, Twitter, etc.

The Best Travelers’ Emergency App: Winter Survival Kit
The application developed on-demand is designed to help the users stuck outdoors during severe winter weather conditions. They can easily detect their current location, inform the services and friends about the situation. Thus, the smart application helps them to survive and stay safe.



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