Who doesn’t like adding a little drama to their ARGAN OIL hair color nowadays? Hair colors can completely change your look. Coloring your hair is a better way of changing your everyday look than those temporary curls or straightened tresses. Well, it sounds pretty good and easy but selecting the right color for you can be tricky sometimes. 

We all know the fact that hair color treatments aren’t a healthy option in the long run. After all, hair color treatments contain chemicals that can affect your hair in a bad way and wear out the nutrients in your hair. However, if you want to still color your hair, then you should make sure that the color you are using is of great quality and contains argan oil in it. 

You might have heard about argan oil as it is considered one of the most precious natural oil in the world. It is even known as ‘liquid gold’ in some regions and that is for a very good reason. Argan oil is derived from the argan trees in Morocco and is very beneficial for skin care and hair care. It is a great source of nutrients like Vitamin E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. 

Argan oil is considered incredibly good for your skin as a moisturizer, free radicals neutralizer, and also acts as an essential anti-aging oil. The benefits that argan oil provides to our skin are indeed noteworthy, but its effect on your hair can really transform your hair into a better version. 

Before moving towards the review, I would like to discuss the top reasons for why argan oil should be used as a hair product, especially for hair coloring treatments.

  1. Strengthens hair: It is a really great thing about the argan oil that penetrates deep into each strand of hair and helps in strengthening your hair from inside and outside both. It does not matter what type of hair do you have, this oil will work for you. Will argan oil, even your hair color stays for a longer time as compared to the other products. 
  1. Hair repair: People who love to color their hair frequently are no strangers to the risks of damaging their hair by applying chemicals on it. Argan oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, so it can repair and smoothen your dry hair. It even helps to seal the split ends in your hair. 

Argan oil also helps in restrengthening your compromised hair because of the omega fatty acids that are present in it. So, make sure that the coloring product that you use contains argan oil in it to get the perfect color who have always wanted along with deep conditioning your hair. Get all the benefits and almost no side effects with this coloring product containing argan oil.

  1. Rehydrates your hair: Another benefit that you get from argan oil is that it moisturizes your hair very well. If you have typically dry hair, then it will allow each strand of your hair to stay hydrated for a longer period of time. So, this oil in your hair color product is definitely going to make a difference.

So now you are aware of the benefits that this wonder oil will provide you, are you willing to give it a try? If you are then we will highly recommend you to try this One N’ Only Argan Oil Hair Color. 


Well, if you are the one looking for quality hair color cream that is infused with argan oil, then you can go wrong with this One N’ Only Argan Oil Hair Color. Not only they have a great range of colors but each of the color creams has resistant to fading and is absolutely nourishing. The presence of argan oil in it makes sure to provide you a silkier and smoother feel. 

When you will search online for this particular product, you will find nothing but only rave reviews about it. This is not surprising because there are a lot of hair color products in the market. One N’ Only Argan Oil Hair Color gives you all that you need. This product makes sure to deeply condition each strand of your hair. 

A single tube of this hair color cream can be used for about two full applications. However, it depends upon how long and thick hair you have got. Also, you can consider yourself lucky as this hair color cream comes in 30 different shades. So you can find out the perfect shade for you. 

Moreover, you guys don’t need to worry about its application process because it is quite easy to follow. Below I have mentioned the technique in which you can apply this hair color. 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This product providing rich and brilliant colors, is made in Italy and is infused with an active level of rare argan oil. The argan oil makes this a luxurious hydrating hair color cream. These color creams are fade-resistant, luminous, vibrant, and true. 

Hair color that contains argan oil in it creates explosive shine, silky feel, and a soft texture that you can’t deny. It is easy to use and provides two applications in one tube of color cream. 


  • It has advanced micro-pigments that penetrate into your hair. 
  • The hair color creams deliver true, rich, and fade-resistant colors. 
  • Argan oil provides hydration to your hair with natural and dense moisture. 
  • It helps in reviving dry and damaged hair. 
  • This hair color also adds shine to your hair and renews elasticity as well. 
  • It has very long-lasting results as compared to other hair colors. 
  • Argan oil present in this hair color helps in strengthening your hair by rebuilding the membranes of your hair. 
  • The essential fatty acids and other oxidants that are present in it helps in preventing the risk of damage to your hair. 

THE ARGAN OIL HAIR COLOR CHART: One n’ only is a company that exactly knows how to satisfy its customers when it comes to the hair color selection. Whether you are looking for a color that can hide your grey or white hair or you are looking for a completely new color, One n’ only has got all for you. 

They also provide you a color chart in order to select the colors of your choice. Below is given a picture of that hair color chart. 


There are two methods in which you can apply this hair color. The first method is used by someone who is applying hair color for the first time and the method is known as virgin application. The second method is for those who are reapplying the hair color and the method is known as the retouch application. 


Virgin application: first of all you need to divide your hair into four sections. Make sure that each section contains an equal amount of hair. Now, you have to start by applying color to one section at a time. You can start by taking half-inch pieces and then layering hair color on it. 

Make sure to keep on applying the hair color until the portion is completely covered with it. But remember that you must not apply the hair color close to your scalp. After applying the hair color, let it stay for about 15 minutes. 

After this, its time to apply the hair color to the scalp area. Make sure that this time you have included all your hair. Give this another 15 minutes. In case, you are covering your white or gray hair, then let it stay for an extra 15 minutes for maximum coverage. 

Lastly, it is time for you to reveal your new hair color. Rinse the color cream off and then wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner after that. Well, that’s all about it, very simple and easy to follow. 

Retouch application: The first step is similar to the earlier method, divide your hair into four sections. But this time you are only going to apply the color on your regrown hair i.e. closest to your scalp. After that, let it stay for at least 30 minutes. The final step is to rinse off the cream and wash your hair using a shampoo and a conditioner. You are now good to reveal your retouched hair. 


Its time for you to say goodbye to those chemicals containing hair color that can damage your hair. One n’ only argan hair oil color cream is a better way in which you can color your hair without damaging it. Try these hair color creams and you won’t regret it.


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