Banning An IP Addresses On Blogspot

Banning an IP Addresses On Blogspot

Banning an IP is sometimes becomes very important for any website/Blog due to spamming. But in most Asian countries, it is necessary to protect your Adsense and other Ad Network Accounts also.

I heard about many bloggers from Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Malaysia, etc.. whose Google Adsense and Adbrite Account has been banned due to Clicking on their own ads, But none of them have clicked on their own ads.

The relation between Ad Networks and Ban an IP Address is very close. Because Google and other Ad Networks tracks IP address of both visitors and webmasters, to avoid fraud ad clicks.

In Asian Countries most of Internet Service Providers provides Dynamic IP’s (Internet Protocol), Only Business Plan Users get Static IP Address.

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The Problem with Dynamic IP is that It is possible that any blog visitor may get the same IP as you have been used to log in to your Adsense Account, Hence if the user with the same IP address will click on Ads on your blogs, your Google Adsense will be suspended. This also required blocking the spammers also. To avoid Spamming.

For Example, your IP is, Remember in Dynamic IP’s Only first two series remains static and the last two changes user to user. 202.105 is only static.

So it is possible that your and your blog user IP is the same on that condition your Google Adsense and other Ad Network account may be suspended.

To avoiding this situation Blocking your whole IP range becomes necessary. In WordPress and another platform, it is possible to block IP Addresses but in Blogger (Blogspot) there is no perfect way to do that.

Hence most of the blogger gets his Adsense account terminated for clicking on their own ads. Most WordPress users use a .htaccess file to deny IP’s but in blogger, you can’t access your .htaccess file. So this solution also fails.

Don’t worry this will not happen anymore because I am developing a script for bloggers to block an IP Address or Full IP range on their Blogspot blog. It is not so easy on blogger, hence there is no any script or widget which can do that yet.

Most bloggers use Toolater for blocking IP but I think this is just a waste of time or money, Toolater can only block up to 75 IP Address and if you want to block the whole range you will be paid for that.

But after paying also it may affect your search engine ranking. And also sometimes it fails to block.

My Script is free of cost can block the whole IP Range and will protect your Adsense and other accounts. And also it follows all the terms and conditions of blogger and Adsense.

You only have to paste a shortcode to your blog and this will block all the IP range, Doesn’t matter how many IP addresses you want to block, you also can block dozens of IP range also. Just wait until I completed the code. I will share the code after successful testing. Until that keep blogging.



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