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When a soldier went to war, they surely need the best weapon they can have. And this also applies for bloggers, as a blogger, we also need the best blogging tools to blog, especially if when there are free.

There are some tools on the web that are very useful and effective.

These tools are used by many bloggers to optimize their blog performance and traffic, whether it’s for search engines or for humans. And the beauty of these tools is because all of them are free.

In this case, I sort all blogging starting from the most important and the most needed tools.


Therefore before you start blogging and publishing your post, you should have already set up and use these tools as follows

Google Webmaster Tool. This is a free tool from google that can help you and webmaster to increase .

Check Google bots crawl error and also help to target your blog to a specific target area (countries)

Google Analytics is the second most important free tool for you and your webmaster to monitor their blog traffic progress, target source, and visitor behavior.

Google Adword Keyword Tools is a great tool for analyzing how many keywords search per month and the strength of competition.

This tool will help you to decide what title you are going to use and the possibility of your post being on the first page of SERP.

Pingdom Tool is a tool that will help you to analyze your blog weight light or heavy, and what has caused it.

Is it javascript, image, or whatever it is Pingdom tool will show the detail in the graphic bar?

Word Counter Tool is needed when you want to reach the numbers of words in your post and how many characters. This counter tools can count your typing speed.

Picnik is one of the best online photo editor tools that will help you to edit your photo or pictures fast and beautiful and best for web.

When using this tool you don’t have to go back and forward to your desktop to save your photo and uploaded you can save directly from your online photo tool.

SEO Quake is very useful tools when you want to win the competition for first page position on search engine, after finding the best keyword for your title and reasonable search numbers. 

It helps you to give reports on your competitor keywords, keyword density, and numbers of inbound links, Alexa rank, page rank, whether they are indexed on major directories such as DMOZ, and so on. You can use a plugin for Firefox.

Fast Directory Submitter is a free desktop tool that helps blogger to submit their blog to 150 directories and increase your blog popularity.

It is called fast since you don’t have to submit your blog link to many directories by visiting those directories and submitting it one by one, but you can just fill in the form of your blog title and blog description on the tools and you can submit thru the tools. It also shows the captcha.

Best Free Blogging Tools
Best Free Blogging Tools For Blogger

Social Monkee is another useful tool to generate backlinks, to increase your blog homepage and post popularity, and also your blog visibility on google by submitting your links to many social bookmarking sites.

Fast Blog Finder is a great commenting tool that help you blogger to search many blog with relevant niche with your blog and compile a list so you can start building your backlink.

HTML Parse Code is a tool to parse HTML code so you can put your Adsense code inside your template and it would appear inside all posts.

ColorZilla is a color reader firefox plugin. With this tool you can read any color code from any point on your browser and apply it on your template to style the color.

Clean CSS is very useful tool that can help you to minimize your css weight and to speed up you blog loading.

It will compress color and compress font. But you need to save your blog template first before using this tool because this tool can not correct CSS errors.

I hope all tools above will help you to optimize your blog performance in overall. And if you think that this post is helpful please recommend this post to your blogger friend so they can take the benefit too.

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