699+Best Skincare Name Ideas 2021

Planning to launch your own skincare brand? We know that it isn’t an easy thing to do. From planning your product line to deciding the skincare product pricing, you have got a lot on your plate. But it is perhaps most important to come up with the Best Skincare Name Ideas. 

A skincare company name is crucial to the brand image because it can make or break the impression of your brand. Imagine a skincare brand name that says ” Ogre skin Plus.” How does it sound? Horrible right! 

This is why naming your skincare brand is of prime importance. If you are not sure what to name it, then we are here to shoulder the responsibility. 

Here are 100+ Skincare business names for you. We have come up with different types of skincare business name ideas so that you can make a wise choice. 

Take a look! 

The Most Catchy Skincare Business Names

Think of the skincare brand name ”Dot & Key,” just by reading the name; people would want to know more about their product range. The same goes for L’Oreal, Kaya Skin, Mama Earth. 

Kissable SkinSense ParadiseGrapevine Skincare
Fashion ComaIllumina SkincareStellar Skin
Beauty ObsessedLovely OrganicBeauty on the Go
Luscious LayersGlamourholic MomPretty Little Things

Coming up with a catchy name that appeals to the attention of the customers is a way of marketing. If your Skincare business name speaks to the customers, they will be propelled to give it a shot. So here are some of the most catchy skincare brand name ideas. 

Best Skincare Name Ideas For Men’s Products

It isn’t like women should enjoy all the benefits of the leading skincare brands. So, if you are planning on opening a skincare product line that is dedicated to men’s skin, you are doing a great job. 

Here are some of the best names for the skincare business for MEN.

AzureBeau in VegasEver After Naturals
Fantastic CharmGlow LuxeArctic Blue Beauty
Handsome HunkDelicate LipsShining Halo
Aroma-BubblesMr. PerfectDown to Earth Soap

Iconic Skin Care Line Names

If you arent someone who stops at ordinary, then these are the names that you can give to your out-of-ordinary, high-end skincare product business.

Thinking big is something not everyone can do. If you are thinking of launching a skincare line that can compete with brands like Estée Lauder, Drunken Elephant, or SK-II, then here are some powerful skincare business name suggestions that you can use.

Luxe D’SkinAvalon OrganicsEye Candy
AllurPrimeAzure VieOptiSkin
Aroma VerbCreamy LuxeLavish Locks
Good To GlowEvolution Skin CareTurn Beautiful

What Are The 10 Best Skin Care Companies? 

Starting a skincare company is no child’s play. It takes advanced planning and a lot of patience to start a brand. However, if you are a fresher on this avenue, you might want to know a bit about the bosses of the skincare world.

Below are the internationally recognized top 10 skincare brands. 


Creative Best Skincare Name Ideas

Naming a skincare company with regular words like ‘beauty ‘glow’ fresh’ etc., might sound a bit dull to people with innovative minds. There are some of us who link, do, and act out of the box.

There are people like us who do not stop at ordinary. We might have the best and the most innovative skin solutions that can capture the globe with their effectiveness. But for your skincare line to be attractive to the consumers, you will have to come up with the most innovative names. In this aspect, we have your back.

Here are some of the best and the most innovative skincare business names suggestions for you.

Natura SpaFairyskinsSilky Fresh
Natural GlowDewy SkinSoft Looks
Luxe BioDew DropsExotic Face
Firma SkinBeauty SerumHydrated Glow

Natural Skincare Business Name Ideas

There are serious allegations against most skincare brands by the customers that the products are full of chemicals. The products give effects, but they also have side effects on the skin.

Hence, these days more and more beauties are bent towards purchasing skincare products that are more natural.

If you are up for starting a natural skin care product line, then bravo! The chances of the product line being a success is majorly high. But you have to make sure that you have a perfect name that speaks highly of the brand.

Lotion HubThe Beauty MansionSkinn You Love
SkinSensitiveBeauty AchievedThe Fab Shack
The Skin SpaBest Skincare SolutionsPatricia Co.
Effortless BalanceRadiant FacialsSkin Utopia

What Are Top 10 Skin Care Product Names of 2021? 

2020 has been a game-changing year for most of us. From 2020, people are focussing more on taking care of their skin and less on investing in cosmetics.

Also, the skin trend of dry skin is pretty much out. Women want gorgeous, glowing, and somewhat dewy skin, which is why in the past 2 years, skincare products like facial oils and serums have sold out like hotcakes. 

Let’s see what the top favorite skincare products of women in 2021 are: 

  • Facial serums
  • Facial oils
  • Under eye cream
  • lip balm
  • Night cream 
  • Sheet masks
  • Skin toner
  • Skin mist
  • Revitalizing essence
  • Sleeping mask
  • Aloe gel

Skin Care Name Generator

If you are looking for the best skincare products name and are not able to get it, then you can try resorting to a skincare name generator if you wish. However, if you want something right at this moment and want to view a list of skincare product brand names, then here are some of the coolest skincare brand names for you. 

Coolest Skincare Brand Names

People who are hip, cool, and yet classy might be wanting to name their product line something that says it is cool and yet sounds plush at the same time. 

Look out, here we have some of the coolest skincare name suggestions just for you: 

Truly BlissfulOpal Facial CareVimskin
ZeneFitsLovely Skinbuffbetty
Hidden in LoveZapFitSkinGlitter Gloss and Glaze
Porcelain SkinLuscious LayersOrgaGenic

Things You Must Keep in Mind While Naming Your Skincare Brand

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while naming your skincare product line. Let us list them down for you: 

  • The name must attract the customers
  • It is better if you Pick a self-explanatory name
  • The skincare product names should sound chic and classy
  • You must make sure that the name must attract the targeted customers
  • You might want to stick with a name that is simpler

Unique Skin Care Name Ideas

The name of any business brand plays a key role in its success. Hence, people put so much thought into coming up with the best names so that it attracts the attention of the customer.

If you are launching a skincare product line, we are assuming you want it to be an instant hit with the customers. There are two primary things that attract the attention of the customers. The first is the packaging of the product, and the second is the name, which must be UNIQUE!

Some of the most Unique skincare Names are;-

Bella VitaBeautyHeuPuraGlow Care
OrgoCharmHUmble HIghPuroElite
leafGlowVabient CareTrubella Care
Beuno BlanoNutroEssenceSpringBerry

Discovering Top Skin Care Brand Names

NeutrogenaLa Roche-PosayAugustinus Bader
Alpyn BeautyTata HarperVersed
Dr. Barbara SturmOlayOle Henriksen

I woke up with glowing skin thanks to the new serum I tried from Glow Labs. My friends couldn’t stop complimenting me, so I shared the secret. They tried it too and now we’re all obsessed with the products from Pure Skin and Radiant Beauty. It’s a game changer!

French Skincare Name Ideas

As a Francophile, I adore French skincare. My go-to products are from La Roche-Posay and Vichy. Recently, I discovered a new brand, Lumière de Vie, and their serum has become a staple in my routine. I’m also excited to try Avene and Caudalie – their reputation precedes them. Vive la France!

Skincare Name Generator

I was struggling to come up with a name for my new skincare line. That’s when I stumbled upon the Skincare Name Generator. It was so easy and fun to use! After a few clicks, I found my perfect name – Skin Bliss. It’s catchy, memorable, and truly captures the essence of my brand. Thanks, Skincare Name Generator!

Skin Care Business Names

When I decided to start my own skincare business company, I knew the name had to be perfect. After brainstorming with my team, we landed on Luxe Skin Co. It’s simple, sophisticated, and evokes a sense of luxury. Plus, it perfectly aligns with our brand ethos of using high-quality, premium ingredients. I can’t wait to see where this takes us!

Organic Skin Care Brand Names

I am a beauty enthusiast who always struggled with sensitive skin. One day I thought of opening my own organic skin care brand but was confused about the name. After brainstorming I came up with “Juice Beauty”, “Herbivore Botanicals”, “Eye of the Earth” and “OSEA”. Among these I found “Eye of the Earth” as the best so I finalized it for my company.

To Sum it Up

We know that your product line is super important to you, and hence, it is also equally important that you come up with the best and the most iconic skincare brand name for it. We have suggested you an array of naming options here and hope you find them helpful.

If you are looking for any other naming ideas, please let us know, and we will whip up another article with the naming idea you are looking for.