Choosing Roller Shades: Fabric options for function and beauty

choosing rolller shades

Window covering selection can be a bit overwhelming. The three most popular options for homeowners today are drapery, blinds and shades. Roller shades are an attractive, functional, and often quite affordable choice.

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They install quickly with simple brackets, and come in a wide range of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for almost any window. Typically, with a quick read through the included instructions, and a little patience, you can install your new shades. There is no need to hire a contractor for assistance.

Once you decide you’d like to install roller shades in your home, you need to decide what type of fabric or screening you prefer the shade to be constructed of.

Each type of material has advantages and disadvantages, and you should carefully consider which best meets your needs both functionally, and aesthetically.

Each home, and each homeowner is unique, and taking a bit of time to select the perfect window shade is a wise investment of your time. Most people keep the same window coverings in place for many years, so you should select a product you really love.

Choosing Roller Shades
Choosing Roller Shades

There are six main types of fabric roller shades are commonly constructed of. blackout screens, solar screens, privacy screens, woven wood, insect mesh, and paper screen.

In addition to these, there are also many other creative and unique fabrications available in the custom home design market. If you have your hearts set on a customized shade and have a generous budget, consider consulting an interior designer.

A professional designer can work with you to design and arrange the manufacturing of almost anything you can imagine.

Blackout Shades

  • Blackout roller shades are an excellent option for rooms where light blockage and privacy are the main concerns. They keeping light out, and reduce visibility from the outside to the inside of the room.
  • Typically made of vinyl, and sometimes covered with decorative fabrics, these shades prevent 99% of outside light from penetrating into the room. As such, they are a great pick for nurseries, bedrooms, and also for covering windows that lack privacy from passerby.

Solar Shades & Screens

  • Homes and offices in locations where the weather is often sunny can reduce glare, heat, and costly damage to furnishings from the sun’s UV rays, by installing solar shades.
  • Solar type shades are specially designed to block harsh UV rays. They are constructed of fabrics such as vinyl-coated polyester, vinyl-coated fiberglass, and sometimes polyester or fiberglass with an aluminum or vinyl backing.

Privacy Screens

  • Privacy screens are essentially the same product as blackout shades.
  • Manufacturers often use different terms to describe the same type of product.
  • These shades ensure privacy from passerby outside your windows.

Woven Wood

  • Woven wood shades bring nature’s beauty inside your home.
  • Constructed of woven natural reeds, grasses and bamboo.
  • Available in many designer and traditional stain and paint shades.
Choosing Roller Shades

Insect Mesh

  • A practical, functional way to cover window openings which do not have permanent screens installed inside the window frame.
  • Light, woven, transparent mesh allows air and light to enter, yet prevents insects and debris from entering the building.

Paper Shades

  • A popular choice in Asian countries for hundreds of years for use as a window covering.
  • Available in a rainbow of colors, and even embossed and textured styles.
  • Not a good choice for blocking light, provides limited privacy, but does lightly filter incoming light.

As you can see, options for roller shades and screens abound. Visit area retailers, take your time, and you are sure find the perfect shade for your home or business. All that’s left to do after that, is enjoy the beauty and functional benefits for years to come.

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