We all sometimes get tired of dealing with dry, oily, or flaking skin, right? But do you know what is even more frustrating? Finding a good DRUGSTORE FOUNDATIONS that does not get oxidized on your skin can be a little frustrating at moments. The search for a foundation that suits our skin type perfectly seems a never-ending journey. 

Let’s start with that what does it mean when your foundation oxidizes? When the foundation that you are wearing starts turning darker throughout the day, then it means that your foundation is getting oxidized on your skin. You can also notice your foundation turning orange and changing it shades completely. 

Now a question arises in our mind that why does this happen to our foundation. This basically happens when the oil that is present in our skin and the pigments present in the foundation react with each other. That is why this problem is more often faced by people with oily skin types. 

To help you in some way, we have listed below some of the drugstore foundations that won’t oxidize on your skin. Scroll down to know about these beauties. 

  • L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24h matte foundation: This L’Oreal foundation stands out being the most favorite among the makeup artists. This foundation provides the maximum coverage and best for people with oily skin type because it is a matte foundation.

I found a lot of people searching about does loreal infallible oxidize? Well, it does not oxidize on my skin. I completely love this foundation as it glides over my skin and doesn’t make it look cakey or layered even after hours of wearing it. 

You can definitely try out this foundation if you haven’t already. For the people with dry skin, you need to moisturize your skin really well before applying this foundation as it is completely matte. 

  • Chambor enriched revitalizing make-up foundation: This chambor foundation is lightweight and moisture-free, makes your skin look really healthy and soft. This foundation will make you feel like you are glowing from within. 

This foundation is enriched with the goodness of hop extracts, which helps in improving the elasticity of your skin, restoring firmness in the skin, and hiding any signs of aging on the skin. I have used this foundation and it did not oxidize on my skin, so you can definitely check this out. 

  • Lakme Absolute Mattreal skin natural Mousse foundation: This mousse-cum-foundation will give your skin a very light feel and finish. The best part is that this mousse foundation blends in an effortless way in your skin and provides you an even skin tone. The other best part is that it a very inexpensive foundation. 

This foundation has got an SPF 8, which makes it ideal for summers. However, the only drawback that you can face is that it only provides light to medium coverage. So for the people who like full coverage, this might not work for you guys. 

  • Colorbar amino skin radiant foundation: If you are looking for an affordable foundation that is high coverage and water-resistant, then this is the one for you. This foundation has got a creamy formula that suits almost every skin type. This foundation is enriched with lysine, which is an essential amino acid that helps in the maintenance of the protein layer of the skin. 

This can be considered one of the best foundations for dry skin as it provides perfect hydration to the skin. The silicon present in the foundation makes wrinkles disappear and your skin looks flawless. 

  • Faces glam on Prime perfect foundation: This foundation has a very luxurious texture which makes your skin appear flawless. It provides medium to high coverage and can be used as a concealer for hiding your major flaws and imperfections. It has a creamy texture but once it sets on your skin it turns out to be matte. 


There are a number of reasons that contribute to the oxidation of foundation such as texture, natural oils, cleanliness, etc. luckily there are some ways too in which you can prevent your foundation from oxidizing. Let us have a look at some of these ways. 

  • Clean your face before applying foundation: It may sound silly but clean skin is healthy skin and healthier the skin, the happier it is. Don’t even think of applying your foundation on an unwashed face.  The uncleaned face is a host of many problems. So make sure to wash your face before applying any makeup. 
  • Do not skip the toner: Experts say that foundation oxidizes the most on the people with oily skin. Applying toner before moisturizer will help in balancing the pH level of your skin and also absorb excess oil from your skin. This is why you should never skip the toner before you start on with your makeup. 
  • Applying a primer before foundation: We all know how important it is to apply a primer before the foundation. Apart from holding the foundation on the place for hours, it also absorbs oil from your skin, and hence helps with the problem of foundation oxidation. 
  • Use an applicator for applying your foundation and not your fingers: Maybe you are more comfortable is using your fingers to apply foundation but you need to stop. The reason being, the oils on your finger can create a reaction with the foundation bottle. Using an applicator will not only provide you flawless finish but will also prevent your foundation from oxidizing.
  • Be careful about the shelf life of your foundation: Most of the foundation has a shelf life of 12-18 months. So make sure to check the expiry date of your foundation in case you have forgotten. If you apply a foundation that has got expired then you will have to face dry and clumpy texture on your skin. Expiry foundations are more likely to get oxidized because the oils get separated and rise on the top. 
  • Clean your makeup brushes regularly: It is very necessary to wash your brushes regularly because if you don’t, then the excess oil left behind on your brushes will lead to the oxidation of your foundation. So clean and sanitize your makeup brushes properly to ensure that they are performing well on your skin and keeping it away from several other skin problems. You can wash your brushes once a week. 

Finding the right foundation for your skin type may take a lot of time. It is all about trying different foundations and checking if it suits your skin type or not. No one finds their perfect match at once. You can try the above-mentioned drugstore foundations that generally don’t get oxidized.


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