Elf moisturizing lipsticks reviews

Elf moisturizing lipsticks reviews

Elf cosmetics is an American cosmetic brand that is impressively inexpensive. I have been using Elf moisturizing lipsticks for quite a while now, which brings me to write this review.  I have started using Elf products recently only and the thing that drew me towards this brand is that its products are available at really affordable prices. 

The product that I am going to review today is the Elf moisturizing lipsticks. The elf lipstick that I own is in pink color and let me tell you that I am very impressed by it. Keeping in mind the price of this lipstick, I would say that it is totally a steal. I feel that it is unfair in India because we don’t get such high-quality products at such an affordable price. 


  • The lipstick has got a velvety satin texture that will glide on your lips very easily. 
  • This lipstick range has got vibrant colors and luminous shine to it.
  • These lipsticks are enriched with vitamin A, C, E, and shea.
  • It helps in hydrating and nourishing your lips.
  • The rich and creamy formula in these lipsticks helps in sealing the moisture providing you very comfortable and long wear.
  • The lipsticks are not tested on animals.

PACKAGING: Talking about the packaging of this product, I would say that it is quite nice. The lipsticks come in a very lightweight black colored case which is sturdy and doesn’t make you feel like you are carrying any inexpensive product. 

Elf moisturizing lipsticks reviews
Elf moisturizing lipsticks reviews

There is a color band at the bottom of each lipstick, which is really good as it makes it easy for us to recognize the color without even opening it. I find the overall look of the lipstick quite pleasant. Read More: JEFFREE STAR CELEBRITY SKIN LIPSTICK REVIEW

PRICE: The lipsticks retail for $3 for a 3.4 gm quantity of product. 

FORMULA OF THE LIPSTICK: These lipsticks totally live up to its names. The formulation of this lipstick is very moisturizing and has got a velvety satin finish to it. I could smell cocoa in it, however, it isn’t listed in its ingredients list. The smell could also be because of shea butter or simply because of some added fragrance. 

MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH ELF MOISTURIZING LIPSTICKS: The shade that I bought from this range is the ravishing rose. This shade is a deep rosy pink with a satin finish to it, providing a very healthy shine to your lips. The shade ravishing rose is a pretty fit for all the skin tones.

Elf moisturizing lipsticks reviews
Elf moisturizing lipsticks reviews

You can use this lovely shade to dab on your lips with your fingers to get a perfect pinkish lip stain. This rosy shade is very creamy but it doesn’t slide from your lips while applying. Personally I did not have any smudging problem with this lipstick. 

As I told you before that the texture of this lipstick is very smooth. It glides on your lips just like butter and a single swipe is enough to give you a good pay off. This lipstick moisturized my lips instantly after the application.

These lipsticks don’t have any taste in it but you can definitely get a fragrance of vanilla or shea butter which vanishes away soon, so it is good even for sensitive noses. 

Elf moisturizing lipsticks reviews
Elf moisturizing lipsticks reviews

I love its feel on my lips, provides me perfect moisturization and comfort. The lipstick stays well on my lips for about 4-5 hours and then starts fainting, leaving behind a very beautiful pinkish tint that looks very natural. 


  • Velvety satin formula and very moisturizing.
  • Glides very smoothly on the lips.
  • Works great even on pigmented lips.
  • Do not get settled down in the fine lines of your lips.
  • Can stay up to a period of 4-5 hours. 
  • The packaging is quite sturdy.
  • One swipe is enough to give you a good color pay off.


  • Contains petroleum products as well as a fragrance in it.
  • These Elf lipsticks have got limited shade range. 
  • For the people who like matte lipsticks, it is not a good option as it gives you creme finish. 


I love the shade ravishing rose of this range as it provides me a very natural look. I also like how pigmented and affordable it is according to the quality and quantity of this product. The only drawback I feel is that this range must have more color shades. I would definitely recommend this lipstick to you all. 


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