Five Best Excuses for Getting out of Shopping with Women this Holiday Season

If there’s anything worse than shopping (for a man), it’s shopping with a woman. Speaking out of experience, accompanying your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister or any female in your life for their shopping can be one of the most tiring and not to mention stupidest ideas you could have ever had. For men, it might take about an hour or two to buy everything from their clothes, shoes, underwear and any other accessories whereas for a woman, it would take about one or two hours to buy something they didn’t actually come to the market for.

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It’s almost Christmas and the trips to the markets and malls get more frequent as we inch closer. While it seems like women have the energy to keep going throughout the day without breaking a sweat, men usually start complaining as soon as they walk passed the entrance.

If you are a man and find it difficult to get out of shopping with the spouse of girlfriend, here’s a bit a help to help you sneak your way out of it. Let’s check out some amazing excuses that actually have worked, to get you a walk-free day.

Why don’t you meet up with your friend? She wanted to meet you
One of the oldest tricks in the book but quite effective actually (if you play your cards right). Every woman has a friend who they haven’t met for years, so use that as a chance to slip your way out of going.

But be careful and prepare yourself by talking about the long lost friend a few days before you know you would be asked to tag along. And when she does ask you, tell her this would be a good time for her and her friend to meet and catch up over lunch and shopping. If it works, you will have a free day to chill and enjoy a cold one while you watch some TV. If it doesn’t, get your walking shoes on because you will need it.

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You go shopping while I wash the dishes and make dinner for you
This is probably one of the best excuses you could use because every woman wants to come home to a clean sink and warm dinner already prepared. But this is where you need to work very quickly and make sure that you have everything prepared so that your cooking time is absolutely reduced to its minimum. Make sure you multitask. Wash the dishes while the food cooks and save time so that you can relax for a bit. If you want even more time to relax, wash the dishes while you wait for the dinner you ordered for from a restaurant. Make sure you get rid of the boxes and containers though.

I’m expecting a package today

At times, it takes to simplest of things to get you a day of relaxation. Sometimes, it takes a pen drive, a pair of socks or even a skipping rope. All you need to do is order for any item and choose the cash on delivery option and then you know you are good for at least 3 working days. Flipkart is one of the perfect places to shop online. So, when you know your shopping day is approaching, order for whatever you want, need or just require as a distraction and you have the perfect excuse for staying home Even where multiple orders are expected, they get delivered to you in no time, care of on Shiply.

Shop online and you can save cash as well as avoid the crowds
If you are not comfortable in making excuses or “lying”, then why not just be honest? Yes, honesty does pay, at times. But you can use the truth to spare your legs the torture of walking for hours.

Shopping online has come a long way and it is now the most used medium for women and men alike. So, whether it’s makeup or underwear they are looking to buy, the hundreds of e-commerce websites online right now gives customers a chance to stay home and do all their shopping with a click of a mouse or a tap of their smartphones. Purplle is one of the biggest cosmetic selling websites where women can get everything from eye liner to nail polish and everything in between at some of the most amazing prices.

It’s very embarrassing for me

As mentioned above, women’s underwear can be purchased online but they always insist on taking the men along, even though it is quite embarrassing for them. So, maybe telling them this could make them realize that it would be a better idea to go shopping (or at least underwear shopping) alone. Or better yet, stay at home and shop online.

One of the biggest underwear websites is Zivame. They have wide range f products and brands to cater to every woman’s needs. If you could get them to see that online shopping is a lot better than walking around for hours together, you’re made.

If these excuses don’t work, then maybe you need to think of some new ones. The bottom line is to try and get the women to understand that men were not built for shopping – not a woman’s kind of shopping at least. So, all the best this Christmas season and hope you haven’t lost all the feeling in your legs by tomorrow. Happy Shopping Everyone.


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