SARA RUE LOSE WEIGHT and getting into a perfect shape is not an easy task to do. However, one should feel confident and happy just the way they are. But with obesity comes a lot of health issues that cannot be ignored. Thankfully there are a number of ways in which you can lose weight. 

Being on a fat loss journey, you always look for some inspiration. Don’t worry, we are going to discuss the weight loss journey of a celebrity that is going to inspire you guys. Today, we are going to cover Sara Rue’s fat loss journey. 

Sara Rue is a popular actress on the American television screen and is famous for a lot of her roles. Sara used to be overweight before but the time came and she decided that she need to lose weight. Sara always uses to encourage people to love the way they are but she also explains how obesity can lead to various health problems. 

Sara believes that obesity is an issue that comes in most of the women after their teenage. She strongly believes that this issue needs to be addressed so that people can understand the need to stay healthy and fit. Sara divided her weight loss journey into several stages and now, she is proud to achieve her goals.

Weight loss is a complicated journey and for an actress, it also brings a lot of emotional stress. Sara has lost 50 pounds ever since December 2009. Sara knew that she had to get fit and healthy, which made her lose weight after entering her 30’s. 

The actress was very well aware of her eating habits and reduced her portion size accordingly. She also inculcated exercise in her routine to reduce those extra calories. Sara said that weight loss requires the combination of both a healthy diet and exercise. So, if you are looking forward to starting your weight loss journey, then make sure that you follow both of them to see the proper results. 



Sara Rue believes that if someone wants to start their weight loss journey, then it starts in the mind. She further says that it is an emotional journey that will try to break you down at many points and you need to prepare your mind for it. When Sara hit her 30, she decided how she wants to look after 5-10 years and she started working accordingly. 

Sara encourages people to love the way how they look. She said that losing weight was her internal wish and it should not be pressurized by anyone. However, she also warns people about the health issues that they can face by being obese. She believes that losing weight does not mean that you have to look like a Victoria Secrets model, but it’s all about being healthy and comfortable. 

The major step that she took in her weight loss journey was to cut down her diet portion. She became conscious of what she was eating and how much she was eating. Earlier Sara used to be a food lover and never bothered much about what she was consuming but now she has changed all of her eating habits. 

She also explained that there are no magic buttons made for celebrities to lose or gain their weight whenever they want to. Everyone has to work really hard to get fit and healthy. Taking care of all the circumstances, she has achieved all the goals that she wanted to. She is even a role model for her own daughter and she is really proud of it. 

Sara has always been a motivated and consistent person during her weight loss journey. She has been able to lose almost 50 pounds of weight and now she fits into US size 6 from US size 14. Well, that is really a great achievement for her. Read More: HOW TO BRUSH OUT CURLS WITHOUT RUINING THEM?


Sara Rue’s fat loss journey motivates a lot of people. She has motivated many people to move towards a healthy and fit lifestyle. She has also given some tips that she applied on herself, to help others with their weight loss journey. Scroll down and note down the tips given by this famous actress. 

  1. Do watch what you are eating: Sara says that it is very important to keep track of what you are eating. She decided to remove junk food from her diet and also cut down her portion size. A healthy and balanced diet is what made Sara fit and healthy.
  1. Staying motivated all the time: We all know that losing weight is not an overnight process. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. There are a lot of people who give up their hopes of losing weight when they don’t see the results in their expected time. However, Sara Rue advise you not to do this.

People tend to get bored with their diet plans and start taking cheat meals, which is alright. It is better to take cheat meals sometimes, then to quit everything altogether. Sara says that the process is time-consuming but it is definitely worth it. 

  1. Always do some exercise: As mentioned earlier, diet alone is not going to provide you results that you desire. If you want to get into proper shape, then it is must that you do exercise on a regular basis. Yoga, cardio, jogging, and even running can help you in your weight loss journey. 

In case you are confused about your exercise plan, then you may also take advice from some experts or professionals. This will help you in achieving your desired goals. 

  1. Try to create small milestones: Sara Rue always inspires people to achieve their goal by taking small steps. You don’t have to stress yourself by making long term goals. In case you are tackling with stress, anxiety, under eating and overeating, then it is better for you to see a therapist. 

There is no magical way in which you can achieve your fitness goals overnight. Everything happens slowly and you have to give that time to your body. Patience and consistency is the key that will help you in getting to your targeted weight. Start with achieving daily goals, and then gradually move towards weekly and monthly goals. 


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