Do you have natural curls? If yes, then you might be aware of the destruction that the hairbrushes can cause to your hair. Curly hair requires a lot of care and attention. If you are not able to take care of your curly hair, then you will end up having frizzy, unruly, and dry hair, that won’t be easy for you to deal with every day. BRUSH OUT CURLS WITHOUT RUINING

How you comb your naturally curly hair, can bring a huge difference in the health and strength of your hair. When you try to brush your curly hair, it suddenly turns frizzy and flustered. However, to deal with this we have come up with a number of ways on how to brush curly hair without losing curls. 

Scroll down to learn ways on how to keep curly hair untangled:

  • Tightly curled hair: If you have tightly curled hair, then I would recommend you to use a wide-toothed comb. The bigger the gap between the teeth, the better it deals with the curls. You should also use hair products before you start combing your hair. 

For example, if it is hard to push comb through your hair, then you can apply the detangling spray, olive oil, or coconut oil. If you feel that your hair is greasy, then apply dry shampoo. 

  • Use fingers to comb your hair: One of the best and easiest way in which you can deal with your natural curls is to comb them with your fingers. Use clean and dry hands to untangle your curls by moving your fingers through your hair. This will protect your hair from getting damage caused by using hairbrushes. This trick can greatly help you in maintaining your curls. 
  • Wet your hair before combing: Sometimes dry hair can cause pain while combing, so try combing your hair after you wet them. Wetting your hair can make combing easier but it also leads to more hair breakage. so, do take care of that too. 

Apply conditioner after wetting your hair and leave it for approximately one hour. After that rinse out the conditioner and use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to pat dry your hair. Avoid using a towel as it can add frizzes in your hair. 

  • Do not use a hairdryer: Do you have a habit of blow-drying your hair? Well, if it is the case then you must avoid using blow dryer after your every wash. The hair becomes more prone to frizziness when you use a hairdryer after your every wash. 

This may also lead you to lose your natural curls. However, it is urgent for you to use a blow dryer, then use it on the coolest setting. Also, make sure that you use a diffuser with it. Read More: JEFFREE STAR CELEBRITY SKIN LIPSTICK REVIEW

  • Comb or brush for curly hair: If you have tangled hair, then using a wide-toothed brush is a better option. But if you have regular wavy or soft curls, then I would recommend you to use a paddle brush. Paddle brushes are flat and usually have more bristles than the wide-toothed comb. 

The bristle material of the comb also makes a lot of difference. For example, nylon bristles are soft, therefore easier to work with on fine and fragile hair. Boar bristles are strong, therefore can be used on thick hair. 

  • Use argan oil in your hair: When washing and drying your hair, you can try applying argan oil in it. Argan oil is a lightweight moisturizing oil that has got a lot of other benefits too. Argan oil is an excellent way to remove tangles from your hair. It is also good for your scalp and provides shine to your hair. 
  • Separate your hair into sections while combing: Combing your curls all at once can be a little problematic for you. So, it better that you first divide your into two halves, from front to back, and then again separate these halves into two sections from left to right. In case you have extra thick hair, then try making more sections and then start combing. 
  • Using detangling spray: If you are thinking to add something in your hair-care regime, then detangling spray is a good option. These sprays are specially designed to remove knots and snarls from your hair. Detangling spray greatly helps in avoiding strenuous brushing. 
  • Do not rub in the hair products aggressively: Be it a shampoo or any conditioner, rubbing them roughly in your hair can cause instant roughness and tangles in your hair. So make sure that you apply these hair products gently by using your fingers in your hair. Never do rough oscillations while applying these hair products. 
  • Start combing your hair from the bottom and work up: When you are trying to remove tangles from your hair, then start brushing your hair from the bottom and then work up. If you will start brushing your hair from the top, then chances are high that it can lead to the risk of having big knots. 
  • Never skip your conditioner: Do not skip applying conditioner after whenever you wash your hair. Conditioners are good moisturizers for your tresses and will greatly help in smoothening out any tangles. Also, you don’t have to worry even if any residue is left in your hair, as the leftover residue will go far and moisturize your hair for a longer period. 

Brushing your curly hair without ruining your curls can be a difficult task. You might also get frustrated while dealing with such situations. But thankfully, by using the above tips you can manage to maintain your curls and keep them tangle-free. 

Also, comment down below and let us know which tip worked the best for you in maintaining your beautiful and natural curls? 


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