How To Sing For Free

How To Sing For Free

If you’ve ever wondered how to but either didn’t know where to begin, didn’t have money to put towards lessons, or let self-defeating beliefs stop you from pursuing the idea, it may be time to reconsider.  Learn to sing doesn’t have to be expensive or socially awkward. 

In fact, there are several ways you can do so from the privacy of your own home, without spending a dime.  

However, since there are many facets of singing that need to be learned, it is strongly advised that you take a systematic approach to learning.  While it may be tempting to head straight to YouTube and start gathering information, that isn’t necessarily the best place to start.


Read Books

With the increasing amount of information available on the Internet, many people overlook or underestimate the power of books.  This is unfortunate when a simple trip to the local library can offer a free solution to your problem or inquiry.

When learning how to sing, the first thing you need to learn is how the voice works.  Once you understand the mechanics of the voice, you can move on to more exciting topics, but starting with the basics is the foundation upon which everything else will be built.  Books are the best place to begin building that foundation.   

Countless books have been written on singing, and range from simple beginner concepts to complete courses.  One thing to consider with book learning is that they tend to be very descriptive and thorough since they rely only on the written word and an occasional picture to teach concepts.

Sing For Free
Sing For Free

I’ve often found a description in a book more helpful and informative than watching someone demonstrate a technique.

Visit Forums And Blogs

Like books, visiting forums, blogs, and websites can reveal a wealth of knowledge.  By now, everyone knows the power of the Internet, so its impact doesn’t need to be stressed here. 

You can learn about anything online, and singing is certainly no exception.  Many people interested in signing start with this step.

The advantage here is that you get access to many opinions and advice all in one spot.  This is especially nice if you find yourself confused about a topic.  Getting clarification can be as simple as stopping by a forum or blog and posting a question.  Within minutes you could have several replies.  

If you are still confused or think of a new question, simply ask again.  By starting a dialog and getting to know others, you can become part of a community of others who are just as passionate about singing as you are.  This can be a great source of motivation and inspiration.

Sign Up For Newsletters

This is a very quick and easy method that I will just touch on briefly.  There are many websites teaching singing methods and ideas, and many of them have free newsletters you can sign up for.  By now I’m sure most everyone is aware of how this works. 

You enter your email, and, usually, your name to subscribe to a newsletter and then you begin receiving emails from the website owner offering helpful tips, and tricks, and offers to great products targeted to singing.  Sometimes instead of a newsletter, you get an ebook or audio or video to download.

The other advantage, which can also be seen as a disadvantage if taken to extremes, is that you will also be exposed to some of the best (paid) programs and courses regarding singing. 

You will be exposed to many things you may not be aware of, and oftentimes can get an honest review of products to help you decide which is right for you, if and when you decide to explore paid programs.

Watch Videos  

Those wanting to learn to sing may be tempted to turn straight to videos for advice.  I include it last here because I think it can be a very effective, useful, and easy way to learn, but I would not recommend it as a starting point.  I will discuss that in a moment, but first, let’s take a look at the advantages.

Sometimes the best way to understand a vocal technique is to hear it being performed.  This is where videos shine.  You can listen to the instructor explain a technique or concept and then hear what it’s supposed to sound like.  Sometimes an idea is better explained visually and in moving form.  

With videos, you can get the best of both worlds.  A video can include text, pictures, colors, moving pictures, and audio all in one place.  With this much power, one may wonder why not just use this perfect solution for everything, but I caution against starting here.



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