Make Adsense $1 Per Day, You Can Prepare To Be a Millionaire.

Make Adsense $1 Per Day, You Can Prepare To Be a Millionaire

My cradle is in Thai Lukthung style, which is ‘combined into one.

Is to take care of many websites It’s quite a headache. If your friends don’t think about it Centralization Yes, since the first time I started making a website.

The things that we should think of “combined into one” from the beginning should be as follows.

1) Hosting …. The problem of the world is broken. Friends, try to figure it out for yourself. If friends have hundreds of websites From hundreds of hosts, it will be messy and confusing. Just remember the username and password. It’s confusing. If you need to edit or set up anything, you have to sit and log in. Each account is a waste of time.

Friends might suggest to me then use reseller or VPS instead ….. these guys are fine. But it will be a problem with unique IP or Class C IP ….. host, reseller or VPS usually give us a limited number of IPs. which makes us unable to take advantage of bringing the web to link themselves fully

So how do you do it??

The solution is that you need to find a host that can give us a lot of unique IPs. Before using any host, try emailing them and ask them first. How much IP can they give us?

I have tried many hosts in the past …… I found two hosts that can give us a lot of unique class C IPs……. If anyone wants to know, PM me and ask.

2) Stat ….. Statistics, that’s it. The main thing is that we need to know that information. But how much money can each website make us, how much CTR, how much Page View to use to improve our website better? In this part, Google has already prepared a stat for us, but it is limited to 200 websites. There are more websites than this. May need a script to help track this information.

Another important stat is how many pages have you indexed yet? How much is the PR value?…….. This is to measure how to promote your friends’ websites.

These two stats should be combined in one place To make it easier to check your friends’ websites.

3) Link, Link, Link, and Link …… The work in this section is the same. that we have to think about Centralization keep it from the beginning When your friends have a large number of websites, they may want to link websites to themselves, or they may want to use websites that have links to newly created websites. to increase link popularity

which if friends didn’t think about Centralization from the beginning was not conducted at That we can manage to add links, delete links in different websites that we have in one single screen, it will be a very headache.

4) Script Installation ….. This is another matter that friends should think about. Centralization

Friends may have bought Scripts that are used in making websites. But when using it, I have to sit and install it one by one domain by domain ….. A script like this doesn’t make much sense.

If it’s cool, you have to install it only once. Then just fill in the web information, enter the host information and press the button to pump the website out. This is how it is, even though it is the concept of Centralization, that is, every website is installed from the same place.

In conclusion, there are 4 main things. in principle Centralization That friends must ponder if they are interested in making a large number of websites …… Now that’s all I can think of. I’m starting to worry.

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