Small Business Resources

Small Business Resources

There are many programs and resources available to small business owners. The government especially has programs to help small business owners in virtually every aspect of their business. Below are a few of the most helpful ones.

Small Business Administration (SBA)

The United States Small Business Administration, or SBA, was created in 1953 as a way to aid, assist and protect the interests of small businesses within the United States. The mission of the SBA is to preserve free competitive enterprise and to strengthen the overall economy of the nation using the small business.

Small businesses are critical to the nation’s growth and development and the SBA works hard to provide any number of resources to owners including free tutorials, advice, articles, and loan programs.

The SBA is best known for its loan program available to small businesses. The loans are earmarked for expansion or the inception of small businesses. Visit Link…

Free Grant Research Kit

If you’re looking for a small business grant or government loan we highly recommend requesting a grant research CD kit. Only one kit per American household (and shipping charges apply) but you’ll save hours and hours of tedious research. Read More…

From tax compliance to grant and loan information, is the government portal to everything small business. The small business owner is able to research virtually any question you might have about your business and its parameters within the governmental legislation.

The site contains information relevant to businesses in regards to the environment, labor laws, tax compliance, online businesses, and much more.

On the government’s portal for all business-related questions, you can find more information than you realized appl

ied to your sector of industry or service. Every small business owner can benefit from browsing through the site. Visit Link…

Small Business Resources
Small Business Resources

The Internal Revenue Service Small Businesses

You’ll want to pay the government its share of you money first and foremost every month to be sure the tax man is friendly should he call. To be compliant with the tax laws for small business, however, you’ll need to know what to expect and when to make payments.

The IRS can certainly help you find the applicable forms and do the complicated calculations some small businesses are required to make in order to find the right tax payments or installments. Visit Link…

Social Security Business Services

Despite working in your own business, you’ll need to remember that you’re working to support those who are already in retirement and with any luck you’ll be funding your own retirement as well.

The Social Security Administration has online services designed to help your business make applicable payments at the right time and can assist you with compliance in yet another government agency.

The payments to the Social Security Administration are often initially overlooked when establishing a business on your own, but your compliance here ensures your earnings are counted toward retirement. Visit Link…

With articles and advice geared toward the small business owner, you can use the Entrepreneur website to stay informed on happenings within the industry as well as read relevant current events and responses from those associated with small business and how changes to legislation and the economy can affect businesses on a day to day basis


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