SUNSCREEN – How, Why, When to Use.

SUNSCREEN - How, Why, When to Use.


 Sunscreens are basically a lotion or cream base chemical which prevents the skin from UV Rays present in sunlight and is the real cause of skin disease. It mainly stops UV-B rays but now few sunscreens have come into the market which prevents both UV-B and UV-A. 

 What is SPF?

Sun protective factor is a unit to measure the strength of sunscreen. There is a wide range of SPF creams are available in the market.

More the SPF more the cost and more the strength. 30 SPF cream stops almost 95% of rays coming to the skin and 50 SPF stops 99% of rays.

So as SPF increases market prices also increase but there is not much change in work efficiency. I recommend 30-50 SPF Creams always. Although there are creams that claim SPF more than 50 but practically does not make much difference. 

How to use sunscreen?

Sunscreen should be used during the day and does not matter whether sunlight is present or not. Because UV Rays always come to earth irrespective of cloud.

Ideally, sunscreen should be used every 3-4 hourly but I always advise patients to use it thrice a day. I set the time on 9 O’clock then 12 O’clock and 3 O’clock.

Sunscreen should be used not only face but all sun-exposed parts of the body like the hand, neck, Thicker the layer applied on the skin more than the effect of sunscreen. So I suggest the patient apply multiple layers and thicker layers. Apply sunscreen half an hour before if going out in sun. 

Should I use the cream at home?

YES, normal light also contains the same UV rays. Many people tend to get tanning even at home on exposure to normal light.

I suggest using sunscreen regularly while at home or outside of the home. So to minimize the effect of light absolutely we should use sunscreen in day irrespective of the presence of sunlight and place. 

Does Sunscreen cause ACNE, Blackheads?

No, theoretically sunscreen does not cause any skin problems including acne. But very few people may have some kind of allergy to sunscreen. Sunscreen causes contact dermatitis and in such cases, we have to change the brand or completely stopped. 

I Have Oily Skin

There are lotions and creams which are greasy and do not suit oily skin. Initially, we didn’t have many options because the greasy and sticky character of sunscreen increases the SPF but now nonsticky, nongreasy creams have come.

Ranbaxy manufactures Suncros Soft lotion which is totally suitable for oily skin and I personally got a very good response. 

Makeup and SUNSCREEN

Sunscreen is a nonreactive chemical and does not harm the skin if used with makeup. Although I advise you to use makeup minimally while using sunscreen. Eyeliner, lipsticks, can be used but other cosmetics used on face skin should be avoided. 

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