Understanding puberty can seem tricky and many parents of tweens ask how do I talk to my daughter about her boobs. Luckily, there is a simple answer to this.
Many parents of tweens and teens are noticing that their daughters are starting to develop earlier than they expected. There are many theories as to why this is true, but one thing is certain: this changes the age to talk to kids about puberty. On VProud there is a great video about how to talk to your daughter about puberty.

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Mother, the writer, and founder, and owner of Ten to Twenty Parenting, a site dedicated to parenting tweens and teens, Kristen Daukas, reflects on this topic not only as an expert in her field but as a mother of three girls. Kristen’s advice is simple and starts at the very beginning. We love Kristen’s thoughts because the very beginning is someplace we can all go.
—The VProud Team

Chickens Have Breasts, Girls Have Boobs

By Kristen Daukas for VProud

I have three daughters so boobs are everywhere in our house. On any given day, you will find at least one bra strung someplace outside of its room and on a really good day, my house looks like the after-party at Tri-Delt.
We’ve been dealing with buds and boobs for almost nine years now and have always had a pretty open dialogue – you have to with four females in the house – about what the “girls” role is in the life of girls.

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They understand the biological purpose as well as the physical purpose, and they know, that with a paternal-side history of breast cancer, the importance of care.
When we were in school, it was atypical to see signs of puberty showing up in elementary school, but today you can’t help but notice the signs (boobs) popping up as early as second grade. I blame the steroid laden foods that we are eating – chicken, beef, milk – you name it. And putting it into the bodies of kids is going to have certain side effects … in a lot of cases, early signs of puberty.
If your kid is in the second grade, believe it or not, now is the time to have those conversations about puberty with them. Get rid of the cutesy names for body parts if that’s what you started with when they were toddlers.  It’s vagina and penis.

Breasts or boobs (I prefer boobs because breasts make me think of chickens). You don’t have to go into a full anatomical dissection, but you need to make sure they understand that things are going to start changing. Use books if you’re uncomfortable.

American Girl has a great selection for girls.  I am a firm believer in the earlier they know these things, the less it surprises them when it happens to their own bodies as well as their friends and classmates.
There is never a good time socially to hit puberty, but when your body’s hitting it at the same time that your brain and social skills are like three steps behind, it can be really tough. This is why these direct and honest conversations are so very important to better prepare our girls so they better know what to expect from their bodies.


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