What is Intuitive Eating? Another Diet Plan?

What is Intuitive Eating Another Diet Plan

There’s a lot of information on health and wellness that is being thrown our way. Of all the diet plans, exercise routines,s, and fitness regimes we hear daily, there’s something called Intuitive eating that is capturing people’s attention. So what exactly is Intuitive Eating? As the name suggests, What is Intuitive Eating? Another Diet Plan?

Intuitive Eating is all about eating smartly! It is the opposite of dieting. There are no banned foods, nothing’s restricted and you can practically eat everything and anything you like! But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can go ahead and eat a Big Mac, upsize meal in one sitting followed by a nice dessert!

What is Intuitive Eating What is Intuitive Eating? Another Diet Plan? Intuitive eating requires common sense balanced with some knowledge of nutrition and exercise. Intuitive eating is all about eating intelligently and making changes in eating patterns that actually work in the long run.

This is due to the fact that around 40% of Americans are on a diet but 33% of the population is Obese! This tells us the story how effective fad diets are. People start off by making radical changes to what they eat and they stick to these changes for a while. The weight loss comes easy as long as they stick to their diet but as soon as they slip back to their previous eating patterns, the weight comes back!

Don’t confuse intuitiveness with indifference. Intuitive eating requires healthy habits to be followed for a lifetime rather than a limited diet period. This is why it’s not a diet plan. Most diet plans tell you to stop eating what you currently eat, go on a restrictive 900 – 1500 calorie diet and exercise Strip Club Name Generator

like an animal. But if you’re eating intuitively, you’ll be exercising a generous amount daily, eating whatever you like (while minding portion sizes) and making some permanent healthy changes that are actually sustainable.

Here are a few Intuitive Eating tips to follow:

Portion sizes are very important.Keep track of them and learn to fool your brain. A smaller fuller plate looks more nourishing than a big plate that is half full. So, get a smaller plate for your meals and fool yourself!

Dodge the misinformation given to you by the media. Their are no quick fixes. There are no revolutionary diet pills that’ll make you thin in a week.

Keep a food journal and learn to track what you eat and how much you eat. This way, you can pipoint eaxactly what you’re doing wrong. Learn nutritional facts of a few common foods.

Moderation is the key. Make changes that can work in the long run.

Learn to listen to the body’s cues. Don’t eat by the clock. Eat when you’re actually hungry and stop eating when you feel full. Intuitive eating requires you to eat like a child.

There’s a difference between hunger and craving. Learn to distinguish it and learn to divert your attention when you crave for something unhealthy.

Your goals must be realistic and your ultimate goal must be broken down into short, achievable goals.

This has been said a lot but it is a proven fact – Exercising is the key to weight loss and a healthy life.

Get smart and create a diet plan that is healthy and easy to follow.

Eat natural food more often. Avoid processed foods and go for foods in their original, natural form.

Be mindful of your meals (This is the basis of Intuitive Eating). Eat slowly; celebrate each meal with a big serving of raw fruits and vegetables. Also, register in your brain whatever you’re eating!

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