Best Mario And Luigi DIY costumes Ideas

If you’re thinking of dressing up in a super Mario bro costume for your dress-up party, you can make Mario And Luigi DIY costumes to wear instead of buying them. The Super Mario bro costume is an all-time favorite one and is chosen by all for all kinds of dress-up events. Not only children but there are DIY ideas that can help you make Mario and Luigi DIY costumes for adults.

If you’re looking for cheap and easy DIY ideas to make Luigi and Mario costumes on your own, here we’ve been able to list down the best ones for you.

Best DIY Super Mario Costume

Mario and Luigi are well-known characters and kids want to dress up for almost all the dress-up parties like them. But buying these costumes can be expensive especially if it’s the dress-up season. Moreover, Super Mario bro costumes are pretty easy to make at home by yourself using an old ragged pair of jeans.

To make the Mario brothers costume at home, you won’t need to buy anything from the store as they’re pretty easy and simple.

Here’s everything you need to make the homemade super Mario bro costumes.

  • You’ll need Felt and fleece in all types of colors.
  • You need to have the shirts ready.
  • Colors to paint the dress.
  • You’ll also need fabric scissors to cut out the costume.
  • You need to have a working sewing machine ready to use.
  • Clothes of the person or child for whom you’re making this DIY Costume.

Steps :

Here are the steps to make the DIY super Mario bro costume at home.

  • You’ve to use a cloth that fits the kid or the person properly for whom you’re making it.
  • Start with placing the double layer of felt underneath the selected clothes.
  • You’ve to take care of the spacing while you’re on it. So you’ve to cut out around the clothes which will help in leaving plenty of room for seam allowance.
  • Next, you need to stitch around the piece of cloth using the sewing machine but leave the top and the bottom open.
  • After seeing you need to try them on to measure the length of the straps. You’ve to measure it up and over the shoulder to see how long you need to make and stitch the strap onto the back of the pants.
  • Then attached the front by sewing it around the yellow circles.

DIY Luigi Homemade Costume

If you’re looking to make a homemade Mario and Luigi costume, you can check out the DIY ideas to make the Luigi costume for your themed party. Luigi is one of the most favorite Mario brothers and lines love to dress up as Luigi and go to themed parties. The best part is that the costume of the character Luigi is pretty simple and you can easily make that using tricky DIY ideas.

The character wears a pure green cap, with a green long sleeve tee with some basic overalls. It is not difficult to make a homemade costume similar to it. DIY ideas are inexpensive ways to dress up and still look the best.

Materials required to make the costume :

  • Felt sheets in yellow color.
  • Felt sheets in green color.
  • Felt sheets in white color.
  • Newsboy style cap in green color.
  • Deep green shirt.
  • Hot gun glueand glue sticks.
  • basic overalls.
  • Safety pins or needles and threads.
  • You’ll also need fabric scissors.
  • You’ve to keep a black permanent marker with you too.

Steps to make the costume

  • Start by making the Luigi logo. For that, you need to cut one white Circle from the felts.
  • Next cut a L from the green scissors.
  • Then attach the L to the white Circle with white glue.
  • After drying it, attach it to the cap using thread or pins.
  • Moving on to the yellow button, you’ve to cut two circles from the yellow Felts.
  • Make four dots in a square and connect them using a black marker.
  • Use safety pins to attach the buttons to the overalls.
  • Next comes the power-up, which you can make by cutting out a star from the yellow felt using fabric scissors.
  • You need to draw black oval-shaped eyes using black markers.
  • Next, you’ve to cut small dots from the white fabric or felt.
  • Stick the white dots on the black eyes using hot glue.
  • Cut a string of three inches and then attach it to the back of the star using hot glue.
  • You need to attach the star to the overall by looping in on any of thr buttons.

Super Mario Hat- How To Make It?

If you’re stuck thinking about how do you dress like Mario and Luigi, you should know that their caps are an important part of the costume. Therefore when you’re making the costume at home, you need to remember that you’ve to stitch the hat too to have the full costume ready.

Materials required to stitch a Mario hat-:

  • You’ll need red fleece.
  • You’ll also need white felt scraps to make a three-inch circle.
  • A sewing machine will also be needed.
  • Red and white thread is better to use instead of just any color.
  • Eleven inches and seven inches diameter plate.
  • Scissor to cut fabric.

Steps to make the hat-

  • Start by cutting the larger price using the 11 inches diameter plate.
  • Trace the outside edge of the plate on the backside of the fleece to cut it.
  • You have to cut a gap in the upper side.
  • Trace the circle using the 5 inches plate then cut the hole. Check by trying it on and see if it fits well.
  • Next, you need to create a brim.
  • Then you’ve to sew the brim into the base of the hat. You need to pin it around the hole opening.
  • You need to create the M logo to stick it on the cap. Draw the M on the red fleece and then cut it out.
  • You need to sew the letter M on the white circle using a sewing machine but in retrospect.
  • As you’re done with the logo, sew it on the red cap.
  • For the last step, you need to sew the top part of the hat to make it ready to use.

Luigi Hat Making

If you’re wondering how do you make a Luigi cap, we can help you out with that. The hat worn by Luigi is pretty simple and easy to make. You can stitch the L logo on any regular cap to make the Luigi cap and it can still go pretty well with the costume. Although you can stitch the cap using fabrics on your own at home and then stitch the L logo on it to make it the iconic Luigi’s hat.

Materials required:

  • You need to have fabric scissors.
  • You’ll need green felts.
  • You’ll also need white felts.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Safety pins.


  • First, you need to stitch the cap for which you need to use the green fabric.
  • Cut a hole at the center of it before sewing for the head.
  • You need to cut one circle using white felts.
  • Next, you’ve to cut a L using green felts.
  • Attach the L on the white circle. You can do that using safety pins or sew it permanently.
  • Next attach the logo on the green cap and your Luigi cap is ready to be worn.

What Can We Use For Making Mario – Luigi Costumes?

If you’re thinking of making a homemade Mario and Luigi Costume for kids, you can surely do it using the different items from your wardrobe.

  • High black overalls are the first thing.
  • You need to have a red long sleeve shirt, green long sleeve.
  • Carry two pairs of yellow buttons to stick on the overalls.
  • You’ll also need a Mario mustache kit and Mario hat- to wear with the costume. For Luigi’s costume, Luigi mustache, green hat.
  • Super Mario brother gloves and brown boots are enough to make the whole Mario and Luigi DIY costumes for adults.

Key Points To Know About Dressing Up As Mario

If you’re going as Mario to your Halloween theme party, here are the key points about the costume that you need to take care of and maintain to get the perfect look of the character.

  • Red long sleeves and blue overall is the key to get the iconic look.
  • Wear a red cap with M written on it.
  • Wear a fake mustache.
  • You can also try some padding around the tummy to Imitate Mario’s physique.
  • You’ve to wear clean white gloves and comfortable brown shoes to get the look.
  • You can make it interesting by knowing the Italian accent.
  • Your other friends can dress up like Peach, Luigi, or Toad to get the look of the iconic duo.

Mario And Luigi – DIY Shoes Stitching

If you’re wondering what color shoe does Luigi wear? Or what color are Mario’s shoes? You must know that both of these Super Mario brothers wear brown shoes. Therefore when you’re creating a DIY homemade Mario and Luigi costume for kids, you should remember this, or you can refer to any Mario Luigi pictures for that.

You can stitch these shoes using felts. You can cut two rectangles from felts and stitch both ends together to put it over a shoe. Then you’ve to sew it to make the shape and size perfect.


This Christmas you can wear a homemade Mario and Luigi costume by making it on your own. The ideas of how to make Mario and Luigi DIY costumes that are shared and discussed here can be used to make the costumes for both adults as well as kids.

The Mario brothers are one of the most famous characters and kids especially love to get dressed up like them. But buying them will cost you more than $30 to $50. Instead, you can just go for the cheaper and the better option of making the Mario and Luigi DIY costumes on your own.